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Peerfit Move can give you everything your current programs are offering and much more. Access to gym memberships plus local, personalized fitness classes, and access to fitness no matter the level and location of your members.

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About Peerfit Move


How Peerfit Move Works for Your Members


Diverse Fitness Experiences

With group classes, gyms and streaming fitness activities, there are a variety of options to match your members’ activity level wherever they are in their journey.

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Community Connection

Members can connect with friends old and new through community events and activities. See Our EventsButton Arrow

Multi-Language Support

We are part of your community. Peerfit Move provides collateral, downloadables, website, email and phone support in various languages to assist you and your members.

Let's move together.

Contact us to learn which Medicare health plans offer Peerfit Move, or to learn more about Peerfit Move.

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