What are Peerfit Move Credits?

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Peerfit Move Credits are tokens that can be used for gym memberships, fitness classes or other fitness services offered by Peerfit Move. They are paid for by your health plan as part of your Medicare Advantage benefit at no additional cost to you.

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Who Pays for Credits?

Your Medicare Advantage plan gives you a set number of Credits each month. Explore our network to see where Credits can be used.

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The Breakdown on Credits

Where They Can be Used

Use your Credits on the Peerfit Move website, mobile application, through your account, or by calling us, to reserve a fitness experience for any location or activity in the Peerfit Move Network.

When They Refill

Credits don’t rollover. Unused Credits are removed on the last day of the month. A new set of Credits will be applied on the 1st of every month.

How to Get More

If you use up all of the Credits your Medicare Advantage plan provides you, additional credits may be purchased when reserving an activity at the cost of $3.50 per credit.

How to Get Assistance

Email move@peerfit.com or call 1-855-378-6683 and our Client Services team can reserve classes or memberships on your behalf with your Peerfit Move Credits.

How They're Used

You can choose which mixture of experiences you want to use your monthly allotment of Credits towards.

For example, one class at your local yoga studio might cost 8 Credits. One monthly membership at your local gym with unlimited visits might cost you 24 Credits. And one Peerfit Move Yoga FitKit might cost you 15 Credits.

How They're Valued

Classes typically cost around 4-8 Credits. The required Credits may vary by location or type of class, but the Credits needed for each gym, studio or activity are shown on their respective pages.