Life keeps moving,
so can you.

Peerfit Move is a proactive approach to Medicare Advantage members, providing flexible fitness options and facilitating social connections to maintain an active lifestyle.


Benefit-B (1)

Diverse Fitness Experiences

Book gym visits, in-person or digitally streamed group fitness classes, and buy recurring memberships at your favorite facilities.



Community-Driven Motivation

Enjoy your fitness routine while connecting with a like-minded community that helps you stay motivated.


Benefit-C (1)

Stellar Customer Service

Whether by phone or online, our Client Services team has a 99% satisfaction rating when it comes to responses and inquiries. They are always ready and happy to answer questions.



Not another silver

Peerfit Move can give you everything your current programs are offering and more. Access to boutique and targeted fitness classes, easy to use social capabilities to create community groups, and access to fitness no matter the level and location of your members.

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